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Grips are very important as this determines:

1) How you are going to hit the ball and make the trajectory be flat or slice.

2) Stance should be closed where ever possible.

3) Finally the tactics employed in a game. DO NOT HIT THE BALL WITHIN REACH OF YOUR OPPONENT!



Volleys are a punching action.

Using the grip of your choice.

1) From the ready position with both hands on the racket handle, turn your shoulders to your right or left (depending if you are making a forehand or back hand volley).

2) Keeping the racket in front of you, you take the racket back about 12 inches or less.

3) Then you punch the racket forwards, stretching your arm forwards.

4) Remember you always want to try to step forwards with the opposite foot as you punch the ball.

5) The coach and author of this website prefers drive volleys as one intends to finish the point. That is why you are at the net.

6) So for drive volleys you need to take the racket back about two to three feet, then drive it forwards as fast as possible.

You must always make room between your body and the ball, to drive the racket. You should  also always keep watching the ball from your opponents racket onto the strings of your racket. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL.


Keep your feet moving at all times. See page on MOVEMENT/DRILLS.