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ASPIRE to be the BEST that you can be

Winning With Sport was created by Greg Bamford, our CEO and Head Coach. Qualifications:

RPT National Master Professional, USPTA Elite Coach, Director of Tennis with RPT, Member of the International Coaches Institute,

LTA Senior Performance Coach and Senior Club Coach.  

SPECIALITY: Mental Toughness, Technique, Diet & Nutrition and WINNING.

In 1991 he also studied the Hanson Award for six months, to teach sports to handicapped people.

He has played sports in school in the 1960’s: Boxing, judo and swimming all successfully.

After school in the 1970’s: Goalkeeper in football team for three years and karate throughout the 1970’s, both successfully.

This multi sports lifestyle has taught Greg about injury prevention, how far the body can be pushed and has developed his love for and ability to teach.

All this allows him to adjust his own style and abilities to suit the personalities of his Clientele and allows him to work around any injuries they may incur off court!

All this is his style!

1) “You are the best…” Mrs C. London 2014.

2) “You are the best coach….” Mr. W. London 2013.

3) “Greg has taken my children under his wing and has given them the confidence to make a difference in a match situation. In contrast to many other coaches Greg not only drills the children he coaches but teaches them match-play skills. He understands the psychology of children and has nurtured their passion for the sport. He has created such a rapport with my eight year old son that he will gladly give up his precious after school free-time to come and play tennis with Greg five times a week because he senses that Greg will protect him, as Greg instinctively knows what the child needs......” Mrs. Sonia Revelli. London 2010.

4) “Greg has coached me for four years. During this time, my game has improved beyond recognition.

He has taken special care and successfully worked around the injuries I suffered from sport in my younger days. His advice and patience has improved my health and fitness as well as improving my tennis.

I chose him as my coach having seen him working with younger and older players, all who spoke highly of his patience, skill and knowledge......” Mr. David Offenbach. London 2010.