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7.1) What to do if you have injuries before you start lessons:

If you are considering having tennis lessons and you have a prior injury or suffer from the affects of an old injury, please email Greg Bamford with full details of the injury before you book and pay for any lesson.

Greg Bamford will advise you whether it is safe or not, to have tennis lessons. Most injuries will only get worse if the injured part of the body is continually in use, putting strain on the injury.

All minor injuries will improve with rest.

Major injuries may need medical or physio treatment. In these cases it is not advisable to play any sports until completely cured.

8) Disputes for injuries during a lesson:

If you feel that one of our coaching staff  caused your injury, then you must provide a written account of the events leading up to your injury, a witness statement (if in a group) and a medical practitioner’s diagnosis (within five days of the injury). Thereafter we will conduct an investigation of the events leading to the dispute.

Where we advise that an injury may occur for whatever reason, you cannot dispute if the said injury occurs.

8.1) Disputes for anything else:

You cannot dispute if you feel the lesson was not good enough. Feedback throughout the lesson should avoid this.

You cannot dispute the lesson due to bad weather. The lesson with either be cancelled and rescheduled for another day (if convenient to all parties in group lessons). If the lesson is cancelled and not rescheduled, then you will get a full refund. If part of the lesson is rained off, then a pro rata fee will be repaid.

If the coach is late you will get a pro rata fee repaid. If the coach is continually late…find a new coach!

If you are late there is no refund.

We do not accept disputes for anything else.

9) Insurance:

Our organisation and coaching staff are covered by public liability insurance.

10) These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Law in England and Wales..


These T&C are specifically for Tennis Lessons.


1) Individual or group lessons will be provided by Coach Greg Bamford. Additional coaching staff may be used if a group is too large.

2) Booking Individual Lessons:

Booking must be made in advance via email or telephone, and no later than three days (including weekends) prior to the expected date and time of the lesson.

3) Booking Group Lessons:

Booking must be made in advance via email or telephone, and no later than ten days (including weekends) prior to the expected date and time of the lesson.

4) Payment of Lessons:

Payment of lessons must be made in advance and can be made online by setting up our bank details in your account, No credit will be given.

5) Lessons, Dates and Times:

Dates and times for all lessons will be available on our “Lessons” pages within this website and onsite at South Park and will be updated periodically.

6) Cancellation:

Cancellation of individual lessons must be made two days (48 hours) from the date of the lesson otherwise the full fee is payable.

Cancellation of adult shared lessons or advanced doubles training. As these lessons are on a day by day, lesson by lesson basis no refunds apply.

For Junior After School Groups or various Camps, three weeks notice must be given otherwise the full fee is payable.

Cancellation must be made via email or text to contact information provided by the coach, or notices at South Park.

7) Injuries:

At Winning With Sport Ltd we are extremely  careful and aware of situations that may cause an injury however small and as such we strive to prevent injuries from happening. That is our responsibility to you .

Your responsibility to our coaching staff, other members if in a group, and to yourself, is to do exactly what we ask you to do, including wearing the correct clothes and shoes for playing tennis.