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ASPIRE to be the BEST that you can be


Grips are very important as this determines:

1) How you are going to hit the ball and make the trajectory be topspin, flat or slice.

2) Stance: Your front foot should be at a 45 degree angle to the baseline.

3) Finally the tactics employed in a game.



Serves are a throwing action.

Using the grip of your choice.

1) From the ready position with your opposite foot about 45 degrees to the baseline (it could be more or less of an angle depending on your own style).

2) Compose yourself.

3) With your left hand. Throw (we prefer to PLACE) the ball up in line with your front foot. Your hand/arm holding the ball should stretch up as high as possible. The aim is to try  to have as straight a line as possible, from your hand, down your left arm, and the left side of your body.

4) Release the ball at your arms highest point. The trick is to be able to put/throw, place the ball in the same place all the time.

5) As you place the ball up, so should your racket arm describe a small upside down “C” . Then at the point where your racket arm is in line with your shoulder, your elbow makes an “L” shape between your upper and lower arm.

6) Quickly drop the racket behind your head and upper back and whip up to hit the ball, snapping the wrist forwards onto the ball. At the same time, rotating your shoulder and upper body into the throwing action.

7) What must you do? Yes you’ve guessed it, your head should be looking up so that you can watch the ball onto the racket.

You must always make room between your body and the ball, to drive the racket. You should  also always keep watching the ball from your opponents racket onto the strings of your racket. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL.


Keep your feet moving at all times. See page on MOVEMENT/DRILLS.