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ASPIRE to be the BEST that you can be


Grips are very important as this determines:

1) How you are going to hit the ball and make the trajectory be topspin, flat or slice.

2) This all so has an affect  on foot work: open stance, closed stance or somewhere in between.

3) Finally the tactics employed in a game.



Ground strokes are a winging action.

Using the grip of your choice. When you take the racket back, the racket must describe the letter “C” or “O” in the air.

1) From the ready position with both hands on the racket both on the handle for a two handed backhand or right hand on the handle and the left hand supporting the racket head. Turn your shoulders to your left taking the racket half way back (top of the “C” or “O”) before the ball reaches the net.  You should find that your left foot moves first to the left automatically, “with the racket” back swing.

2) As you take the racket back the rest of the way, release your left hand (the racket describes the rest of the “C” or “O”). Your right foot should now be in front of your left foot. This action creates “the hitting zone”, an area diagonally to the left and in line with your right foot

3) The bottom of the racket handle should be facing to the net. This allows you to “snap” your wrist and hand forwards as you complete the “C” or “O” hitting action.

4) When the ball bounces up, watching the ball onto the strings of the racket, uncoiling your body and swinging the racket forwards, through the hitting area as far forward as possible and continue the swing up and over your right shoulder, with your palm facing away from your head. This is called the follow through.

5) You must always make room between your body and the ball, to swing the racket. You should  also always keep watching the ball from your opponents racket onto the strings of your racket. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL.


Keep your feet moving at all times. See page on MOVEMENT/DRILLS.