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ASPIRE to be the BEST that you can be

Everything we do is about Player Development:

1) Discipline, concentration, appearance.

2) Believing in yourself, knowing your abilities: strengths and weaknesses physically, mentally, technically and tactically.

All this will improve thus reducing your weaknesses and adding to your strengths!

3) Fitness is essential in all we do in life. If you are serious about playing club, county or satellite tournaments, then fitness is a must.

We will train you on court with about 75% “sports specific training” and 25% general fitness. This also means you will need more time in the week on court.

4) Mental Toughness:

All of the above begins to develop mental toughness along with other processes during training.

Winning With Sport believes we can help everyone improve.

1) Age:

Regardless of age (from four years to ninety-four), we can teach you tennis. We will make use of the abilities you have and develop them and add more abilities.

2) Strength & Conditioning:

Depending on the level you want to play in, we will use strength and conditioning exercises to improve your physical ability. If this is not what you want, you will improve.

With that normal process of improvement, you will want strength and conditioning at a later date!

3) Injuries and Disabilities:

We coach you so as to prevent injuries. However, some Clients have joined us with inherent injuries which we have worked around and slowing improved.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you work around injuries and disabilities.

If you have injuries we can help them improve.

If you have disabilities we can help you work around them.




Testimonials from some of Greg Bamford’s Clients are listed.

His successes with adult singles, doubles teams and junior coaching speak for themselves!

Through the medium of this company,  we seek to provided tennis training camps around the world.

Having been asked to coach juniors to become professional  full time players, we are looking for senior players to work with.

We know we can reduce unforced errors by 90% and we know we can improve mental toughness..

We believe that  through physical and mental improvement, we become happier within ourselves and more confident in all areas of our lives.

Your Health and Safety is the most important thing to us!