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ASPIRE to be the BEST that you can be



Fitness and Diet are extremely important not just for sports, but academic careers and life in general.

A healthy diet will provide all the nutrients your body needs to develop and exercise will condition your body for the demands of your chosen sport as well as increasing your reaction time. You can also prevent most age related illnesses, so prolonging your playing years.


When exercising you must warm up (stretch) before you start. Make sure you monitor the peak/intensive periods of your straining. By monitor, we mean “feel what’s happening to your body”.

When you are finishing, you must warm down for about 20 minutes, so as to avoid strains and stiff muscles.


There is nothing worse than being a sports person with an injury!

If you are unlucky enough to get injured, no matter how big or small the injury you must always listen to your Doctor, Physio or Trainer.

When you are told it may take (say) four weeks to recover, you must allow an additional two to three weeks for that recovery process.

We have seen too many sports people try to come back too early resulting in a worsening of the original injury. At the very least, you will make the injured area develop a permanent weakness!

At Winning With Sport Ltd we are extremely  careful and aware of situations that may cause an injury however small and as such we strive to prevent injuries from happening. That is our responsibility to you .

Your responsibility to our coaching staff, other members if in a group, and to yourself, is to do exactly what we ask you to do, including wearing the correct clothes and shoes for playing tennis.

What to do if you have injuries before you start lessons:

If you are considering having tennis lessons and you have a prior injury or suffer from the affects of an old injury, please email Greg Bamford with full details of the injury before you book and pay for any lesson.

Greg Bamford will advise you whether it is safe or not, to have tennis lessons. Most injuries will only get worse if the injured part of the body is continually in use, putting strain on the injury.

All minor injuries will improve with rest.

Major injuries may need medical or physio treatment. In these cases it is not advisable to play any sports until completely cured.




Testimonials from some of Greg Bamford’s Clients are listed.

His successes with adult singles, doubles teams and junior coaching speak for themselves!

Disputes for injuries during a lesson:

If you feel that one of our coaching staff  caused your injury, then you must provide a written account of the events leading up to your injury, a witness statement (if in a group) and a medical practitioner’s diagnosis (within five days of the injury). Thereafter we will conduct an investigation of the events leading to the dispute.

Where we advise that an injury may occur for whatever reason, you cannot dispute the said injury.